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Here Kitty Kitty

The stage is set…. It’s a warm August evening, the day was beautiful, but now the sun is setting. As most anglers are packing up their gear to head home, there is a different type of angler who is just getting primed up for their adventure to begin…..

Sliding egg sinkers are in place, just light enough to slightly roll with the current, yet still find a place to rest on the river bottom. Eight foot medium heavy rods are strong enough to handle the monsters that may lurk down below. Forty pound high visibility line and a heavy reel with a smooth drag are necessities, just in case, the fish of a lifetime takes hold, and still so, as even the smaller fish put up one heck of a battle. The tube baits are rigged and soaking in a jar of stink bait, which to a human, emits a smell that will instantly trigger the gag reflexes, yet is something these fish find delectable. Tonight, we are chasing catfish!!

River catfish are a very popular target species throughout the U.S. From angling for table fare alone, as these fish yield tremendously tasty meat, to the professional tournament circuits, where hundreds of anglers compete to catch the giants each species is capable of becoming. We, however, along with many others, fish them just for fun. The tranquility of sitting on a shoreline or in a boat, listening to the night sounds to suddenly be interrupted by a screaming drag and a rod bent nearly in half, is just the peaceful rush that will always keep us coming back for more.

Rigging is quite simple. Dress your line through enough egg sinkers as needed to match the current, and tie on a heavy snap swivel. Mash your tube baits into a jar of stink bait leaving the line and loop knot outside the jar. This allows you to place the lid on the jar, while allowing your baits to soak. When you are ready for bait, simply remove the lid, hook your snap swivel to one of the loop knots, remove the bait, and cast it out. Mess free and will eliminate getting the bait on your hands, which everyone near you would regret.

K&E Stopper offers a multitude of different catfish baits. Our favorites are the tube baits. They are quite soft, hold stink bait well, yet are durable enough to stand up to the largest of these bottom dwelling monsters.

Just one more reason why K&E Stopper Lures truly is your best choice, one stop shop, to fit all of your open water, and ice fishing needs.

By: Raymond Tiffany



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