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We crossed the state line and I couldn’t take the anticipation anymore. On my way to one of my favorite places I have ever been, Devils Lake, North Dakota. We’d be once again chasing after those jumbo perch. Rumor had it the perch weren’t as plentiful but they were bigger, and that rumor seemed to hold true. We got out on the ice the first day and the weather was nothing like the year before, much, much warmer. And keep in mind, you can actually get sun burnt from the sun reflecting off of the snow, I know because it happened to me.

Moving ahead, we set up in our heated shacks on the outskirts of some brush piles in a bay out in the middle of nowhere in pursuit of perch. However, we had a pleasant surprise when we basically got attacked by a school of walleye. Hit after hit, walleye after walleye, we were pulling them out of the holes left and right nonstop for about 3 hours. We were fishing in 12-16 foot of water. The size #8 Pelkie jigs tipped with a minnow head produced plenty of gravel lizards. Later that day we did run into some solid perch fishing but nothing like the crazy Walleye bite.

Our next trip out on the ice, same thing happened, we slayed walleye for the first couple hours and then the bite stopped. We then moved locations across the lake to another bay and in 18 foot of water we got into those big perch. They were extremely finicky though. I had to call them in with some sort of flashy decent sized spoon to get their attention. Then I would drop down a small Pelkie jig tipped with a waxworm and jig it a few times and let it sit and wait for that faint little nibble. My ultra-light stick helped me out greatly in this situation.

On the last day of our 3 day trip we had limited out on walleyes and caught plenty jumbos. We’ve heard rumors about the quantity and size of the Pike on Devils, so we figured we’d go chase some. The tip ups were set in approximately 4 feet of water. While waiting for the tip-ups to go off we also jigged for Northerns in the same depth. We had a group of 8 guys and believe it or not we limited out. Devils Lake is an amazing place and it’s an ice fisherman’s dream.



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