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Protect Your Investment

We’ve all seen them, heard about them, used them, or at some point in our time spent fishing, had the thought of them cross our minds in one form or another....
Rod cases, rod socks, hard cases, soft cases, rod vaults, etc... There are literally 100’s of different styles, designs, and home-made gadgets that are on the market to help you protect your ice fishing rods.
Many have asked me, “What is your favorite?” Well, that answer is very easy for me now, as I was also consistently hunting for the perfect ice rod protector as everyone else. Trying to find one that would fit everything I needed it to do. The answer is the Rod Pod, by K&E Stopper.

Finally! A portable, hard sided rod sleeve that basically does everything I could ever ask for... I have some mounted to the back of my ice machine, I have some that go in my bucket of Jaw Jackers, I have some that are mounted in my permanent ice house, and a few that slide inside my Striker Ice equipment bag, literally doubling the rod capacity of this bag.
They will hold a rod up to 30”, come in multiple colors, and are virtually indestructible.

One trick I do is have multiple of each color for my panfish rods. I do this because I have multiple rods and reels that are the same exact set up, spooled with the same exact tippet line. I use the different color Rod Pods to differentiate which rods have what line on them. For example: Green Rod Pods are for rods with 4lb test line, Yellow Rod Pods are for rods spooled with 2lb test line, and so on.
Using this trick, especially in a tournament setting, or when the school of crappie are moving quickly, in which case I must be as well; I can easily determine the rod I need to grab without any thought or time wasted. Seconds add to minutes in the “chase the active school of suspended crappie” game, and anything that can save time is going to help put more fish in the bucket.

As soon as you are done abusing the Rod Pods for the season, you can leave your rods in them, stow them away in your ice house, bucket, sled, storage bag, or, if you are like me, you can hang them up nicely and out of the way in your garage, shop, or basement.
There is truly no better way for you to care for your ice fishing rods, all year long, than to use the ROD Pods. After all, your ice rods are an investment, and that investment deserves a quality, diverse system of protection.

Story By: Raymond Tiffany


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